Little Explorers Early Learning are proud to belong in and be apart of the Eaton and surrounding communities. We acknowledge that we are on Noongar land and pay respects to all of Australia’s First People, as well as the many cultures that make up the diversity of Australia. As a family owned and operated centre, we value the community as an extension of the centre and appreciate the importance of the community in the education and care of all children. Through excursions, centre visits and connection with local groups, our aim is to embed the community into the our curriculum.





Little Explorers Early Learning is committed to our children and environment; not only now, but into the future. We understand how important it is to adopt and promote a range of sustainable practices to ensure that our actions are not harmful for the environment and for the children to realise the significance of caring for and protecting their environment. From the resources we provide and the programs we will deliver, our aim is to ensure that a sustainable approach is embedded in all aspects of our centre.
Little Explorers Early Learning believe each child has the right to feel safe and secure and build respectful relationships with educators, peers and the wider community. Children have the right to learn and play in an envrironment where they will be included and supported in all aspects of their abilities, individual needs, interests, cultural needs and be welcomed into all experiences and environment.
Little Explorers Early Learning values the knowledge that each family has of their children. We aim to build strong, respectful and recipricol relationships with each of our families, to ensure that we can work towards the best outcomes for each child. Our open door policy encourages families to come, stay and play with their children, as well as speak to the educators about their child’s progress and development.
Little Exploers Early Learning recognise the important role our educators and staff play in the lives of the children and their families in our centre. We value that each member of staff bring their own set of strengths and are committed to supporting them through mentoring, staff training and development, as well as all aspects of their personal and professional lives. Our educator and staff practices are guided by the Early Childhood Australia Code of ethics, Early Years Framework and The National Quality Standards.